We are so thankful for all the blessings we have enjoyed as a business and in our relationships with you, our clients, and our workers. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the things we are most thankful for this year.

1. You, our clients, who entrust us with your H-2A needs and allow us to serve you throughout the year. It is our privilege and pleasure to know you and work with you personally.

2. A receptionist, Erica, who clearly enjoys making your day and ours with her pleasant and helpful demeanor, and her commitment to make sure she either answers your questions herself, or she directs you to the appropriate party with as few transfers as possible.
3. A processing department led by Crystal who not only types and processes hundreds of applications each year, but does diligent research to make sure she accurately represents your needs and aligns them with the requirements of the SWA and DOL. She also runs interference with those agencies to answer their questions and respond to audits without having to bother you more than is necessary.
4. An assistant processor in Beth who is also diligent in exploring the types of applications to make sure she guides you to and through the right process, including FLC’s and Secondary Ag applications. Those processes may take a bit longer, but she is committed to helping you get through them as smoothly and quickly as possible.
5. An advertising coordinator in Dedee who is a determined negotiator who works hard to get you the best rates on your advertising, and get it done in a timely manner.
6. A USCIS processor in Sarah who has had very few RFE’s (Requests for Evidence) concerning your out-of- country applications and in-country transfers this year. She works accurately and quickly to help you have your workers confirmed and available as soon as possible.
7. Worker Placement Coordinators in Charlie and Debby who help match you with workers that meet your needs, expedite the process of having them approved and transported to you, and then stay available to answer the questions you and your workers have throughout the season. They also work with me to try to resolve any conflicts or disputes that may arise during the season, and if we cannot resolve them, make sure you are able to find a qualified replacement worker when you need them. We also don’t hesitate to contact a Senator or lawyer on your behalf if there are any delays or issues with your worker’s paperwork before the USCIS.
8. We also have a technical pipeline that protects our computers, new database, and phone system so that we are available when you need us, and so is your information! We have also provided a great deal of information in our packets and Compliance Manual to help you know the requirements of the H-2A program and can easily comply in all areas. This information is there to protect you from any missteps or misunderstandings with any government agency.
9. We provide a legal advisor who is available to you and us whenever an issue arises that needs clarification or representation. He is well-versed in the H-2A program and can guide us through the pitfalls that could result in fines or worse without that valuable advice.
10. Finally, God has raised up a Christ-centered office and staff who are pleased to assist you with a servant’s attitude. We pray daily for our clients and workers, especially when we know there is a specific need. And we seek to treat you and your information with honesty and respect, even when we’ve made an error! The goal is to fully inform, then correct, and help alleviate any possible consequences so they don’t fall back on you!