What are the Costs and When do I Pay?

To complete an application please call our office to request access credentials to our database.

When starting the online database application you will be required to pay a $300 deposit. We will fill out additional filing forms for you to sign and return, we will include our administration and recruitment invoices. We normally bill incrementally and may soon offer online credit card payments. Some fees aren’t due until after the workers arrive.

Even though your monthly cost using this program is slightly more than when you had US workers our solution for sure will solve your seasonal labor needs.

The following is an explanation of our most common fees. If you have further questions, please call us at 828-246-0659.


Administration fee (One-time fee for the DOL and USCIS process) $595
First time processing fee for new clients $100
A monthly placement fee per worker (payable after each month you have had the worker) $70
A per person recruitment fee to pay the recruiting agent – fee is determined by factors like the quality, experience, and requirements for the labor. A per person recruitment fee to pay the foreign country recruiting agent. $400 to $800
Payable to US Authorities:
To the Department of Labor (DOL), a minimum one-time initial application fee for the first worker $110
For every additional worker add $10. I.E., to the basic DOL application fee of $100 add $10 for one worker = $110, another $10 for the 2nd worker = $120, etc. with a maximum charge of $1,000, regardless of the number of workers $10
This fee is only payable after the labor certification has been approved. The bill will initially be sent to our offices and we will forward it to you and you will have to send the check for the appropriate amount directly to the DOL.
To the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), there is a one-time filing fee per application (not per worker) $460

Other Costs Payable to USAFARMLABOR:

    • The DOL also requires the placement of newspaper advertisements in 4 states. We can do this part for you at an additional cost of – $120.
    • The average cost for the advertising (four states) is – $450
    • As soon as the Federal DOL has accepted the application for consideration, we will provide you with a copy of the acceptance letter and the requirements regarding the advertising.
    • Sometimes the USCIS issues a Request for further Evidence or the DOL issues a Letter of Deficiencies (this is normally a request for additional explanations and this happens especially when we have to switch a person from one permit to another). For such extra work we charge – $50 – 200
    • If you request paperwork to be shipped more expediently than Priority mail, (like 2 day Guaranteed mail), we will also ask for reimbursement of these additional shipping costs (approx.$20 – 70).
    • Expedited processing fee – only if an emergency filing is requested – $250
    • Travel reimbursement information is detailed in the Q & A’s and the USAFARMLABOR, INC. Process Information.
  • The first payment is a $300 deposit which comes off the $595 administration amount.
  • Second payment will be reflected in the first billing invoices sent in the pack of documents sent to you covering the following three things:
Administration fee (minus the initial $300 deposit) $595
New client fee (a one time fee for new clients) $100
1st Half of your worker’s recruitment fee (per worker fee) $400
  • Third payment – the USCIS application fee (A check to include in your return set mailed back to us – we keep the check till we use it for the USCIS phase of the process)
  • Fourth payment – DOL labor certification fee (payable after the labor certification has been approved)
  • Fifth payment – invoice for the second half of the recruitment fee sent out only after the worker has been with you for 30 days
($50) – $400
  • Monthly billing – first invoice only sent 30 days after worker arrived.