We offer a reliable source for dependable seasonal workers for all your labor needs with legal foreign workers through the Department of Labor H2-A program.

Our workers are very affordable and worth the dollars spent.

Our workers come from farming/livestock backgrounds and are highly motivated to do their best job for you, as they want to stay for their full season of 9-10 months.

Our workers do such a good job that our clients request 60% of them by name to return to work for them the following season. Thus, we offer the option of automatic renewal each year.

You just specify your labor requirements and we will screen and match candidates to fit your needs. Our skilled workers are English speaking and have experience in various farming operations.

USAFARMLABOR, INC. does all the filing and paperwork for you. After you fill out our application forms, our experienced staff goes to work for you, filing all documentation with the proper agencies.

We also screen, do orientation, and coordinate documentation and travel arrangements for the workers.

We have professional recruiters in South Africa, Moldova and Australia who assist us with this process, checking the skill experience, the temperament, and motivation level of each worker.

The cost of foreign labor is pretty comparative. Your cost may vary based on the state in which you reside, the skill level required, changes in the AEWR rates, or changes in the DOL labor laws. We’ve included a full breakdown of our fees along with some other information about USAFARMLABOR. A $300 deposit is required for a first time client completing an application. This fee can be paid online through Paypal or by providing us with your Credit Card info.

After exhausting all efforts to recruit US workers our program will save you time and money with many well screened foreign workers available to choose from.

In the event of any serious problems or personality conflicts with a worker, we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee with immediate efforts to replace a worker with a suitable worker.

Normally, it takes about 90 days for all the paperwork and preparations to be done to get one or more workers to you for your next season. Let’s start now!